Scrambled Eggs, Toast and Daddy's coffee?

Kylie made several big steps yesterday. She actually let Mama hold her during singing in the church service today because I sang with the praise team. I wish you could have seen how cute my daughter was as she moved her head and clapped her hands to the beat of the music. (And how huge the smile her grandma was wearing as she held her too!) Then during our Sunday School class I took her to the nursery (one of my favorite former youth was in there with her mom) and Kylie stayed for about 15 minutes before Jennifer brought her to me. And don't you think she looks like an angel in her little polka dot dress?

Sunday was a glorious spring day here in NC. It was warm ~ actually rather hot by mid-afternoon ~ but humidity has yet to rear its ugly head here in the south. It should be at least next week before the oppressive stickiness ensues... We decided to take advantage of such a beautiful day and be outside. My cousin Tricia brought her kids over to my mom's house too. We colored with sidewalk chalk, whistled with acorn tops, watched the boys take laps around the garden,chilled out with a sip of water, bounced on balls, and got kisses. (Andrew calls Kylie his girlfriend)I love the feeling that the beginning of spring brings, you know, when you feel like all is well with the world because the sun shines? Anyway, apparently so much fun in the sun made Kylie really hungry because she decided formula alone wasn't going to get her through to her "good night" bottle. Mama fixed omelets for dinner and Kylie acted interested in Ian's plate. So he did what we always do, offer her a bite knowing that she will tighten the lips like Ft. Knox. Only this time she didn't...And she didn't just want to be fed Ian's toast, she wanted to hold it herself!All told, I think she took about 15 bites (and by bite I mean tiny crumb) of egg and ate (or gummed) about 1/16 of a slice of toast. Maybe she just doesn't like the texture of baby food ~ not that I can blame her, though I will say that Gerber stage 1 pears are really good! So we are going to be offering her more of what is on our plate, but not what is in our cup. She was headed straight for daddy's coffee cup at one point. I think we'll wait a few more years on that one!

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LaoLao Shultz said...

What a wonderful day! Love those little chunky legs of Kylie's. The Roller kids are so good with Kylie. Family rocks!
Was good to see Kylie taking eggs from Ian's finger and actually seeming to like what she tasted. Maybe she just doesn't like spoons! She'll be eating table food before you know it.