My baby is ONE!

Saturday (March 10) was the most monumental day in our lives since February 5th! Our little pumpkin turned one!

We started the day by sleeping late ~ Ian and I knew she was our girl! ~ and after a leisurely breakfast, Kylie's bath and nap time we headed out to run some errands (namely buy batteries for the present we bought her Thursday ~ yeah, I'm eating my words on the "no toys that require batteries" thing...).

Around 3 my college roommate (who may as well be family) and her girls came over. Anah and Sera hadn't met Kylie yet, (Beth had driven down from Hickory the night we got home to meet us at the airport at midnight, but left the girls at home) so they wanted to be here before the family arrived to play. We went ahead and set up the toy Ian and I got for Kylie (I can't remember what it is called) and I'm not sure who was more entertained, Kylie or the girls.
Of course Kylie's grandmothers both came along with Aunt Traci, Uncle Adam, Uncle Adam's parents (pretty much an honorary set of grandparents for Kylie), my Aunt Nancy and her husband, and Tricia with the Triple A's. Adam and Ian grilled burgers and then Kylie opened her gifts ~ except for the one from Tricia and her kids as Andrew was REALLY excited about it and opened it for Kylie when they arrived. She did think her little CD player was pretty cool!
In addition to her toys, Kylie got some adorable clothes, shoes, swimsuits and two adorable bibs that Adam's mom ~ we are going to call NnaNna ~ made. One of them says "Are you sure these are my relatives?" I'm so sure Kylie will wonder that from time to time! Both grandmas gave jewelry, LaoLao gave a little gold bracelet and NaiNai gave a jade pendant that she had bought in China. The cool thing about the pendant is that it has the same color variations as my bracelet.
And then came time for her cupcake. We spent a lot of time cutting marshmallows and dipping them in red sugar and then adding black frosting detail to make little ladybugs on them, but somehow we missed photographing them... Oh well! After the strawberry mousse cake experience in China I wasn't real sure how this was going to go. We put the cupcake in front of her, sang "Happy Birthday" (during which time she looked like, "Why are all you adults standing around me and singing?") and then enticed her to try it. While she wasn't crazy about the icing on her hands, she didn't cry any...
So she doesn't seem to have her mommy and daddy's sweet teeth, we couldn't love her more! I know that to her at this point a birthday means nothing, but I'm so grateful we got to spend it with her! And on Saturday both Ian and I felt a bit melancholy as we thought of the woman that gave birth to Kylie. While it was hard for us to wait for her, we have no idea what her birth mother must be going through! We pray she has a sense of peace that Kylie is loved!


Stephanie Y said...

Happy Birthday Kylie Miller!

LaoLao Shultz said...

What a celebration! Happy Birthday precious granddaughter.