A first haircut

Thursday Kylie went to visit Ms. Vicki for her first trim. At first we weren't too sure how she was going to take the experience, but things got better when Vicki let her take the comb she was using and better yet when Vicki let her take the second comb. Kylie enjoyed her first hair cut experience and it looks adorable!
From there we went to Target to buy Kylie's birthday present. It was a bit difficult to pick just one thing, but we finally settled on one. Kinda fun to be able to browse, discuss, and then buy a gift in front of the one it is intended for!

By this time the munchkin was wiped out ~ I love sleeping baby shots!

Last on the agenda for the day we headed to visit Neil, Bekah and Katie for some of Neil's delicious fajitas! Yummo! Katie was really excited to have Kylie visit and shared all of her toys. The funniest moment came when Katie and Kylie were both wearing hula skirts and Katie started playing her harmonica. Kylie loved the music and started doing her favorite dance which includes lifting her foot and shrugging her shoulders. Watch out Dancing with the Stars, Kylie is practicing!
Despite being a bit tired the next day, Kylie and I went to have lunch with her Aunt Traci. Of course Kylie wanted to dress up to meet Aunt Traci's students, so we got out her tights ~ isn't she adorable!

I'm so far behind! My baby turned ONE on Saturday. I think that the emotional exhaustion of that event excuses me for at least one more day on posting about her birthday...


*~*~*MEL*~*~* said...

Aww Kylie is just too cute! And that hula skirt picture is priceless! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLIE!

LaoLao Shultz said...

First haircut, hula skirt, teeny bopper jeans shirt! Look out world, here comes Kylie.