The Naptime Blues

So this week we decided it was time for Kylie to learn to sleep in her crib during the day. This came after a week of her napping on our bed. That ended abruptly Saturday with a near crawl-off incident...

It has been a rough week here at nap time! Please pray for us as we try to transition through this ~ if letting her cry it out (with some gentle reassurance from us) doesn't work soon, I'm gonna quit! I can't stand letting her get worked up in her crib (where she is confined) just so I can have her nap time to get chores done. She is falling asleep, but I feel like such a mean mommy until she does!

On a happier note, Kylie is LOVING music in all forms! Her favorite musician is her Uncle Adam! She loves to see him play in church on Sunday mornings. This Sunday we were in the fourth row and I still declare she was cutting eyes at him! When the music starts she rocks her head from side to side and now claps her hands. I've even heard her trying to make some babble that sounds like the first syllables of the words I'm singing. It is so adorable!

Sunday afternoon after lunch at Mama's, Adam made Kylie's day by letting her "play" on his guitar. She was so curious to see what he was doing (he'd been working on a song he's writing ~ we can't wait to hear it!) and crawled over to him on the couch.

"What are you doing Uncle Adam?" "Hmm, I'm not sure if I like the way that feels..."
"Wow! Did I make that noise? I like this thing! Will you teach me to play it in a few years?"
And then later Mr. Jon let her play his drum at praise team practice. She did seem to have a little rhythm as she banged away. Ian and I like to wonder how Kylie will enjoy spending her spare time. Judging by her musical curiosity, we won't be surprised if playing some sort of instrument (or singing in a choir) plays a roll in her life...

Oh, and something funny about the clapping... When she does something amazing ~ say walk across the living room without stumbling ~ of course as a proud mommy I clap for her. But sometimes she must not like the rhythm of my clapping because she will come over, take my hands in hers, and change the beat for me. It is really hilarious, we'll try to get it on video this week, but who knows if she will cooperate. It may just have to be ~ like so many other things that have come and gone so quickly already ~ a memory for me.


Steph Y said...

Those pics of Kylie and Adam are adorable. What an awesome uncle (with pretty neat toys)! Good luck with naptime. Prayers are going up for ya.

LaoLao Shultz said...

She surely loves music. Thanks Uncle Adam for your patience and encouragement.
Will continue to pray about nap time in her crib. So many things are new for her. Your constant love and reassurance will build her security.