Winterplace Day

Tank of gas to get to Winterplace, WV ~ $34

Room at the SleepInn Friday night ~ $73

Two 8am to 10pm lift tickets at Winterplace ~ $110

Cost of last weekend fling before responsibilites of being parents ~ PRICELESS!

Let me say that whoever first thought about strapping long sticks to their feet and heading downhill at a rapid pace was most likely considered a lunatic! But kudos to that brave soul!!! Ian and I LOVE to ski and have spent many weekends since 2000 hurling ourselves down a mountain (these days much more in control for me than back then...)

We've explored the slopes of NC, three in WV, one in Maine, Taos out in New Mexico, and even four in the French Alps, but the important thing is that we've explored them together. We've laughed at each other's "dork moments," helped one another up from falls, learned from each other, cheered one another on, raced to the bottom, and enjoyed spending time in God's amazing mountains together.

One thing to note, this was the best way we could think of to spend our last weekend as just the two of us (well, we couldn't get a flight to Les Deux Alpes arranged in time ~ or begin to afford it...), but we couldn't help wondering how long it will be before we can introduce Kylie to our favorite sport!

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Rebekah Crowell said...

Don't worry! You have TONS of people who would LOVE to baby-sit and give you guys time to ski! Neil and I are trying to decide whether or not to take Katie with us next weekend. I'm not worried about her getting hurt, I'm worried about her passing me by!