Sunday takes on a new twist

Today has seemed so strangely surreal! All day long I felt like I was sort of floating around and each place I've gone or thing I've done has been preceded with a "This is the last time... without Kylie"

We arrived at church for the Sunday morning service (for the last time without Kylie), we ate Sunday dinner at Mama's (for the last time without Kylie), Adam pointed out that we took our last Sunday naps (without Kylie ~ though we hope she will fall into that weekly routine). And so the day went...

***Now for those of you that don't realize, Sunday is a rather sacred day in our family. It involves going to Bethel UMC for worship and Sunday School and then all of us (my sis Traci, her husband Adam, Ian's mom, me, Ian, & of course Maya ~ who is dropped off on the way to church) going to Mama's for a big Sunday dinner. After we eat, it is understood that at least Adam will take a siesta, but often the rest catch a few zzz's too. We take our day of rest very seriously and therefore engage in activities (if not sawing logs) like reading, knitting, or just catching up on the week in conversation.***

Sadly there was no nap for Ian today. He has been determined to finish building a dresser for Kylie's room! He has spent hours in his "makeshift woodworking shop" ~ otherwise known as our garage ~ here at home. To add a whimsical touch, he decided to use Mama's band saw to cut out butterfly drawer pulls (remember the bookshelf he made?). There are six drawers on the dresser and each of us (Me, Ian, Mama, Mom, Traci, & Adam) painted a set of the butterflies. Each "artist" used the same two colors ~ the pink and green paint from Kylie's room ~ but no two sets of butterflies are the same. (And if you are wondering, yes, you can EASILY pick out Traci's butterflies, we were all jealous of her talent). But it meant a great deal to us that Kylie's "Sunday relatives" participate in one more piece of her nursery.

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