Fiesta night!

Okay, now is the time to start getting busy! And yet when I try to think about clothing I just sorta freeze. Hmm, what can I do to procrastinate packing my suitcase today?

Oh, I know, dinner with some of my forever friends ~ that is the perfect stall tactic! So Ian and I met Jen & Chris and Sherry & Alan for some Mexican. (We'd heard that chips and salsa are hard to come by in China, so we stuffed ourselves tonight over great conversation). Thanks for celebrating with us guys! Love you much!!!

I think there is a part of me that had begun to think this day was never going to arrive. Now here it is just 3 days away. There is still so much left to do (the list hasn't gotten much shorter since Friday when we were models of responsibilty) but God has granted me peace for now. I've always worked best under a bit of pressure (I perfected my procrastination mastery back in college days where I won the "Most likely to procrastinate and still get by" Award for my class at Elon)

So here I sit staring over my laptop screen at two things, a large pile of clean laundry and my darling husband who is zipping his suitcase with a big grin on his face. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to decide what to put in mine.

Right now Maya looks sad, I think I'll go pet her for a while...


Kristin Wooten said...

Ah good choice on the Mexican food! Our whole travel group was dying for Mexican food by our final days in China. Our sweet guides even tried looking all over Guangzhou for a Mexican restaurant with no luck. It was so funny b/c the whole group was wanting Mexican (and we all enjoyed the food in China). I guess we needed that taste from home.

Allison said...

Kristi--I so got that same award in college!