Guessing dates

Despite having had 20 months so far to prepare for the arrival of our daughter there are still those 'finishing' touches to be done. Perhaps there will always be finishing touches still to be done... thats part of the fun of anticipation I guess. A while back I had promised myself that I was done trying to guess the "we'll have her home by ...." date. First I was sure that it would be November of 2005, then perhaps February 2006, then April at the latest... then.... well, the list went on and on. Each time the date came and went and we still didn't even have our referral. Missing those dates became too hard as it was feeling like it would never happen, so that was it. No more guessing on dates. Maybe it's human nature, maybe it's just me obsessing over finally having her home, but I've found myself over the last week or so speculating that we may get to travel even before the end of this year... or in January at the latest. I guess I'll never learn. I still have no doubt, however, that sometime soon we will have travelled to China, picked her up, and returned. Then one evening we'll all be sitting around our living room, doing nothing in particular. Maybe reading a book, maybe just sitting and snuggling as a family, and all the waiting, all the frustration, and all the missed dates will be things of the past. A distant memory covered over by the reality that our family is together and safe. One day at a time!

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LaoLao Shultz said...

The picture of the three of you snuggling on the couch puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart! Lao Lao