227 - 225 = 2 groups away!!!

Slowly, ever so slowly, we are getting closer! What I'm reporting right now isn't really new information, it is simply exciting because it seems more personal. With the update that the CCAA posted online Sunday, we learned that they are finally processing referrals for AUGUST! So we know that we are 17 days of paperwork processing away...

But our agency's weekly update put that into more personal terms, that group of referrals took AWAA up to group 225. With us being group 227 (anyone else remember that cheesy sitcom? ~ it has helped me remember what group we are in) that means that we are finally only 2 groups away! Yes, two, dos, deux, or er (Spanish ~ mommy speaks some, French ~ daddy speaks more, Chinese ~ we used a Speak Chinese in 10 Minutes a Day book) groups! Seemed like we'd never get this close, yet here we are.

So we're gonna celebrate tonight by going to a picnic at a local park with many of our friends from the CCC family. And because it is a family event, our darling Maya is going with us!

Also in other paperwork news, our updated homestudy arrived yesterday. We couldn't have imagined why we wouldn't have received a favorable recommendation, but it was still good to have it arrive and see that according to Nathanson Adoption Services we are qualified to be parents ~ again! Now the only hurdle in the way is getting our I-171H back in time. Oh, and actually getting the referral...

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