Even Maya is on the watch!

It seems these days that we are all anxiously waiting for our new arrival ~ even Maya! I've walked about the house countless times looking for our faithful four-legged companion and found her here. I'm not sure if she is watching street traffic or pedestrians on the sidewalk, but I like to tell myself that she is watching to see if her new playmate is coming yet.

Of course I also have to chuckle and think that this poor dog has no idea how her world is going to change...

She does love kids and gets super wiggly with excitement whenever little cousins Adam, Abby, Andrew, Kyler (she has yet to meet his new brother Bryson), Chloe, or Sara come to visit. She also enjoyed meeting Ella from Maryland a few weeks ago. But the whole "no jumping" and "don't get in the faces of little people" is a concept Maya is slow at learning. She has a gentle spirit and loves to play with kids. She doesn't even seem to mind being layed on, having her hair pulled, or the not-so-gentle "petting style" of a toddler. But again, she has no idea what's coming.

You see, Maya is currently the queen around here. She is used to having Ian around all day and goes most places with us. We even traded in our Passat for a Highlander so that Maya can contine to make the Sunday trip to Grandma's house after her "sister" arrives. Now don't worry too much, Ian and I decided early on that we wouldn't become "those kind of dog people" and for the most part we haven't ~ though the next picture may suggest otherwise...
Yes, those are the decorative pillows from our bed, but she doesn't sleep on the bed, so that makes her not too spoiled, right? All this being the "only child" attitude makes me wonder what she will think when her little sister arrives. I'm open to suggestions on how to make the transition easier (for both of them)!

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture of Maya anticipating your baby's arrival! Look forward to hearing back from you guys following your trip to MN. I'm sure it will be a rewarding trip. Can't wait for the announcement to come and celebrate with you guys!!