lazy Saturday

Life is a collection of mostly ordinary moments.

At one time we felt that we had to fully utilize every Saturday...or Daddyday as we used to call go on a day trip or pack in a full schedule of events.  Over time though we've learned to embrace three Saturdays a month as "ordinary Saturdays."  That means sleeping in later, kids helping themselves to a serving of "Saturday cereal" (current favorites are Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms), several pots of coffee, pancakes and then venturing out to do something at a park or downtown.

This weekend we found out about two festivals going on downtown.  The first was Festa Italia where we watched some traditional dance, browsed the vendors and of course sampled some of the foods.

Luckily we had our token Italian with us...

And within walking distance was A Taste of China, so of course we had to venture down to watch more dancing...those techno princes were there...and sample more treats.

bbq pork baozi always brings a smile!
From there we came home to watch the VT game and eat dinner.  Nothing flashy.

It was just a lazy Saturday...

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