11 years of joy

Life continues to move at the speed

One day I had a pudgy little toddler who wanted to have birthday ham and the next I had an eleven year old who wanted to have all the carbs at the Chinese buffet.

If anyone has ever doubted that the way to a man-child's heart was through his stomach hasn't met my man-child who loves sushi, yeast rolls, egg drop soup, chow mien and fried rice.
I'm pretty sure this is the meal he gets most excited about all year long...


I think the only thing that could make this meal better for him is if they served "chicken on the pig" (what he used to call ribs when he was younger and it just sorta stuck) along with all of his other favorites.

He ate until he could eat no more.  

Well, except for cake.

Because what is a birthday without cake?
For this guy I'm pretty sure it would be empty.

Per request, tt was the Pioneer Woman's chocolate Nutella cake with Coco-whip frosting for the third time in a row.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing cake, he was happy.
Cause what's not to love about chocolate with a thick layer of Nutella and then whipped topping?

And once the "dessert stomach" was full, it was time for his gifts.

A mini-drone.

A Ninjago movie Lego set.

And a new lightsaber.

Add a bit of Pokemon to the mix and you'll have the things that make our eleven year old tick.

This boy brings the comedy relief to our family.  We would be hard pressed to get through a day without at least one chuckle instigated by his dry wit.  I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention his huge heart.  While he often irritates his several of his siblings just for the sake of doing so, he is the first to act when someone needs a reassuring hug or touch.  He is love and laughter rolled into one amazing package and I couldn't be happier to be the one he calls Mommy.

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Laurie said...

That's right- your blog is still on my feed, and I get SO excited when you write something new! Happy b-day to your big boy! He is SO darn cute!!!!