Olympic dreams

Our touring today had two distinct parts.   The morning was dedicated to ancient history...the afternoon was decidedly modern.

We began our tour of the Olympic Park area with a little Bīngqílín. Ice cream can perk anyone up on a hot day!

Next came some smiles with the mascots.

We walked a bit further...(this seemed to be a theme for the day)

... and then the moment our swimmer had been waiting for.

She could hardly contain her excitement.

Actually, scratch that.

She didn't contain it at all.

Not one little bit.

And we became our guide's first folks to swim inside the water cube.

No, it's not the actual Olympic pool where Phelps won his eight gold medals.

That one has been decommissioned and drained for whatever reason.

But it was a warm up pool.

And that was good enough for her.


Laurie said...

What an fun, fun day you guys had! LOVE the picture of Ky in the pool- for sure something she'll always remember! And the architecture- just SO beautiful! Love the comment about Disney World- too funny!!

Catherine said...

New to your blog. What an amazing day for your family and especially your daughter!!

Excited to meet your newest addition! Praying for you.