the M family takes Rehoboth Beach...

The Bay Area.  NoVa.  NC's Triangle.  Northern NM.

The extended M family spans from coast to coast and the times we've all been able to be together have been too few and much too far between.

Trying to synchronize schedules for five households has proved in the past to be quite difficult and we've only managed to pull it off a few times over the holidays.  But then Grandpa M bought a house in Rehoboth Beach, DE and having a destination to travel to in the summertime made things a bit easier.

When there is a beach involved, you can almost always count on the M clan to show up.

even Lucy had a great time playing in the surf

The kids really enjoyed spending time getting to know their Aunt Rachel again as it had been several years since we'd seen her.

And when we weren't playing in the surf or chatting with siblings/aunts/uncles/grandparents we were snacking.

see the Doritos in the corners of his mouth?
 What is it about the beach that makes us hungry ALL. THE. TIME?

A long day at the beach was followed with a delicious meal (either cooked in home or out for seafood along the Dewey Beach main thoroughfare) and then we'd either head to Funland on the boardwalk to ride rides or tune into the Olympics while learning a few new games on Aunt Sylvia's iPad.

Finally we'd all traipse off to our beds...which was somewhat of a feat, there were 16 of us...and sleep hard.  Then the next day would bring a "rinse & repeat cycle."



Searching for seashells or rocks for Lucy.

Finally it would be back to the house, shower, eat dinner and then head to the boardwalk.

On our last night we splurged big time.

Kohr Bros custard.

Salt water taffy from Dolles.

Fresh cut fries from Thrasher's.

photo taken just after we devoured the evidence of our boardwalk fries
 And lots of time earning and then redeeming game tickets at Funland.

It was a bit crowded with 16 in Grandpa's beach house...and Nicholas will bring our total up to 17 for the summer of 2017.  But we can't wait to go back and hang out with some of our favorite people in one of our favorite places!

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Saundra Shultz said...

Oh, the beach. Happy place for all. How nice that you could all be together.