'itty-bit' no longer

Last week my little her most exasperated tone...informed me in no uncertain terms that she was 'a big girl now' and I shouldn't call her 'itty-bit' any longer.

So I made a deal that as soon as her sixth birthday rolled around that I'd stop using her nickname.

Today she made sure to point out that 'itty-bit' was out the window...

The reign of "Sassy Skirt" is here.  No, that's not her new nickname.  But she wears a skirt nearly every day.  As for sass...well...let's just say she's got that covered.

An example you say?  Well, we recently discovered that our very favorite Lebanese restaurant is owned and run by Natalie's teacher's family.  Natalie pointed out her teacher in the "family owned" photo just last week.  And so she approaches her teacher the next day as she's getting something out of her desk and says, "Hey.  I saw your face at a restaurant," and just walks away.

Natalina Catalina keeps us on our toes.  One minute sweetly posing with Rainbow Dash, her favorite of the My Little Pony crew...

...the next carelessly tossing Rainbow Dash to the ground to proudly model her "Uncle Adam face."

We just never know what to expect with this little wild card.

One thing is for sure.  We know that personality is to be expected.  BIG personality at that.

Our birthday tradition is to let the celebrated child choose the meal, either their favorite for me to prepare at home or a visit to the restaurant of their choice.  However this year Nat's big day fell on Lifegroup night and she didn't even hesitate to postpone a special dinner.  No way this girl was going to miss time with her friends.

Natalie, as a new six year old, you love to "read" chapter books.  Many of the ones you select only have pictures every ten or so pages, but you take your time and study each and every page as if you were really reading...only knowing how memorizing sight words is going clues us in that you aren't getting the text just yet.  No matter, if there's a princes or fairy on the cover of a book in the juvenile section of the library, chances are you've selected it as one of your weekly picks.  You also love to sit on our laps and listen as we read picture books, especially those about ballerinas, monkeys or anything silly.

You still love to "just play."  That may come in the form of playing 'brothers and sisters' with Daniel, creating an imaginary world of spies with Caleb, or playing with your Journey Girl doll, Callie, with your sisters.  You've also long admired Kylie and Darcy's collection of Lego Friends, so this birthday provided a ballet outfit for Callie and two Lego sets.  A pizzeria that brought a smile (pizza is still your #1 favorite food) and then one that had your name on it when I saw it at the store.

Elsa's ice castle!  I could hardly believe my luck when I saw it.  You were speechless.

This was your third birthday home with us, and one priceless thing about you is that you still seem hardly able to believe that all the fuss is about you.  You absolutely light up when everyone stops for you in the moment.

Your cake wish?

"Just like Caleb's...but no choc-it.  All strawberry just like his strawberry.  Cause that was YUMMY.  And the same frosting.  And Strawberry Shortcake candles.  But only if you can find them.  If you can't, dat's okay."

Strawberry cake with Strawberry Shortcake candles you say?  You got it!  For you itty bit (sorry kiddo, old habits die hard), to see that smile I'd do nearly anything.

We've seen AMAZING growth in you in just two years.  I look forward to what this year brings...

I love you more than all the strawberries and Lego bricks in the world!

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