half past nine

She's now officially halfway through this last year before she hits double digits.

Why can't she be a little less excited?


Just yesterday she was a chubby, very girly-girl, little toddler who refused to wear anything but dresses and today she's a willowy, strong-willed swimmer who seems to think athletic shorts and t-shirts are required uniform.

when you have four siblings you always have a photobomber...
Okay, so she wasn't really a toddler just yesterday, but this "blink of an eye thing?"  It's so real.  The passage of time makes me catch my breath on so many occasions.  I miss the tiny little girl she once was, but I do love watching her bloom into the uniquely cool person she is today.

So instead of lament how quickly time is passing, I will celebrate the amazing girl who turned 9 1/2 today.  We may have gone for donuts last night.  And tonight may have again been a school night.  And we may even have had to work around open house at school.

Still, we went to sing "Happy half birthday" to my big girl...and got another round of donuts.

Because that's how we roll.  Sugar rush and all.

K-Boo, today at 9 1/2 your favorite pass time would be toss up between swimming and reading.  If you aren't at practice for the Marlins, you are most likely to have your nose in a book.  Historical fiction is your favorite, specifically books set in the civil war period or in pioneer times.  You also have greatly enjoyed the Recipes for Adventure series by Giada de Laurentiis, probably because you love to step into the kitchen to help out whenever you can.  You are selective with your friendships, but those that you've let into your circle are friends for life.  This year you've also been active in Chinese dance, performing several times back at CNY and now with three performances coming this fall.  You love to braid both of your sisters' hair and enjoy a close relationship with both of your brothers.  To date your favorite foods are meatloaf, pickles and BBQ pork baozi.

We're (meaning the whole family) thankful to have you in the role of leader of the pack.

Happy half birthday my sweet!

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Saundra Shultz said...

Kylie Bo, you are growing into such a beautiful young lady. Love your enthusiasm and spontaneity. Know you enjoyed your yummy donut. I am happy to celebrate your 9 1/2 birthday. Love you.