Darcy + donuts = a new 8 1/2 year old

A donut run on a school night?

For the M7 it means only one thing...

Someone is being celebrated.

Happy half birthday to our "powdered sugar, chocolate creme filled" donut loving' girl.

At 8 1/2 you still LOVE to read...currently your two favorite series are The Doll People and The Cupcake Diaries.  You've just started a combination ballet/jazz dance class and it is a joy to watch you develop your natural talent for "feeling music."  You have several close friends from church and school, but your siblings remain among your favorite people in the world.  Most afternoons you can be found either playing spies with your brothers and little sister or bringing your Journey Girl doll, Kelsey, to life alongside your big sister with her doll, Kyla.  Your favorite foods remain dumplings, steamed BBQ pork buns and donuts.

Obviously donuts.

About those siblings.

You guys drive one another crazy from time to time, but maybe that is because you all are a little crazy.  I guess you bring out the best in one another...

practicing pirate faces for "talk like a pirate" day
 After we finished singing Happy half birthday to you and all the donuts had been consumed, you were content to stand and watch more deliciousness being made...

...with your posse by your side.

Of course.

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Saundra Shultz said...

What fun to celebrate your 1/2 birthday, Darcy. Looks like the donut was delicious. Love you.