so long summer

Say what?

Summer is over?  It just can't be so...

And yet my "experienced crew" was all smiles this morning.

After all, they did get great assignments regarding their teachers this year.  Each one seems to have gotten a teacher that matches at least one of their personality traits.  And it doesn't hurt that each kid has a number of friends in class.

So after expressing their true inner selves, we packed up and headed to school...with friends of course.

Today started the fifth year of our families walking to school together in the mornings.

It's nothing short of entertaining for sure.

And this year the crowd staying at school will be getting one larger.  Itty Bit goes for her kindergarten evaluation day tomorrow.

Thankfully she told me the monkey can come home with me to keep me company.  
Nat's adventure to follow...

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Anne said...

I cannot believe how grown up Kylie has gotten this past year!! She is absolutely stunning!! I also almost didn't recognize Caleb! They all have grown so much! (Sorry for all the exclamation points.) ;-)

Anne in Colorado