kindergarten is here!

Some kids cry on their first day of kindergarten.
We had one that cried.

Some kids are okay that first day of kindergarten, but express apprehension in the weeks leading up. 
We had one who expressed such apprehension.
Some kids don't cry, but cling to your hand as if you are their lifeline as you enter the school on the first day of kindergarten and ask for ten hugs before you go.
We had one clinging hugger.
Some kids are excited about their first day of kindergarten, but retain decorum as they prepare.
We had one with calm excitement.
And then there are the ones who simply couldn't wait and meet the day head on...

The only thing that could deflate her was being told it was still 10 minutes before we'd be heading to school.

Our Natalie.

I asked her to show me how she felt about starting to school today.  This is what I got.

peace signs proof that you can take the girl out of china, but you can't take china out of the girl...

Anyone that knows her understands.  This is Nat in a nutshell.

Our little one who models that big things (like personalities) come in small packages.

A little update on HoHo (her beloved stuffed monkey)...
Yesterday she told me I could take HoHo back home with me to keep me company when she went to school.  At the last minute it was decided she would take a stow away in her "back-cack."  You know, just in case...

Finally it was time for us to go.

And she was all business.  No "dazzletating" pace of the grown ups for Natalie.

She was not about to slow her steps to walk with Ian and I.

No sir, she was ready to get there and was paces ahead with her siblings and friends.

We had to step up our strides to keep up with her once inside the building.

She found a cubby,

and then a desk,

 and got down to business.

One last smile and wave...which actually felt somewhat like a dismissal...and it was clear she was ready for us to move on.  

Could it really only have been two years ago that she walked into our lives with not a word of English under her belt?  Yet there I was this morning, leaving my baby behind in our sweet little neighborhood school.  It was hard to walk away ~ I'm thankful Ian decided to work from home this morning and grateful that he insisted on taking me out to brunch ~ yet I know without a doubt that she's ready.  

Watch out kindergarten, the spicy one has arrived!


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how much she has grown! Looks like she had a great first day! Way to go mom & dad for preparing her well:)

Anne said...

Two years?? Wasn't it just a few months ago that you all went to get her in China? Man, time sure does fly. Wow! I.Feel.Old.

Anne in Colorado