the pajama day that wasn't

All week this week someone in our house kept talking about his upcoming pajama day at school.  Something about his class getting a reward for attending the pre-K presentation and using good audience manners...

At any rate, I thought it unusual his teacher didn't send notification home, but it was the end of the year and all.  Being a former teacher myself, I was lulled into the thought that things do get a little cray cray once days left of school can be counted on one hand and a note just didn't happen.

Annnddd I let him convince me that today was indeed pajama day for his class.

Imagine my surprise when he walked down the hill after school with two of his classmates in normal "street clothes."  And when I questioned out loud why he was wearing pajamas and his friends weren't, the mother of one smiled and said, "Oh, they have pajama day on Monday..."

So there I stood with my mouth open wide in disbelief that I sent my son to school in pjs on a regular day.  His sweet teacher probably thought, "Well, Kristi does have a lot going on right now..."

His response?

"Oops."  And he tossed in that little grin...

Reckon I'll let him wear them again Monday.

Just a different pair maybe.

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