first Marlin meet

At the end of last summer, Kylie approached us about swimming year round.  Based on how things "clicked" for her as an Amberjack on the neighborhood swim team, we decided to let her build her talent and check out the waters of being a (self proclaimed) "swimnast."  

Starting in late August she became a Marlin as she swam with a local year round club.  After weeks of practice, her first meet finally arrived.  Ian and I knew she was ready...the question of the day was, did she?

That first time on the blocks was met with just a little apprehension.

Thankfully her first event was a simple 25 free.  

She rocked it.

Placing first in her heat...and therefore winning a striped ducky... boosted her self confidence.

From there she was all about business.

Once she found her groove, she stayed in it,

placing either first or second in all but two of her heats.

 She had soaked in all Coach Cara had taught her...

...and raced like she meant it.

And she came home with an armful of rubber duckies and small stuffed animals for being a heat winner multiple times.

Of course I was proud of how well she placed in her very first year round meet.

But more than that, I was thrilled for her as we watched a new level of self-confidence unfold.  I'm not sure how long year round swimming is going to be part of our family rhythm, but for this season, we'll celebrate her newfound accomplishments in the water.  I love the self assurance that was born in my big, previously timid, girl this year!


Laurie said...

Great post- so excited for her! And I'm with you- the growing confidence is the best part. :)

Saundra Shultz said...

It was so exciting watching her swim so well. I was so proud of her. You can tell by the big grin on her face in the last picture just how great she was feeling.

Peggy said...

How exciting! You have to be the proudest momma around! It's great that she has found something that gives her a good dose of confidence.