8 1/2? How can it be?

Tonight we rushed through dinner, loaded up the van and headed to Krispy Kreme.

And in our family, a weeknight trip for doughnuts can only mean one thing...

...there's a half-birthday in the house!

Today our big boy passed the "halfway through age eight" mark.


8 1/2?

How in the world...


At 8 1/2 you are one of the most "out of the box" thinkers I know.  May life never weigh you fully down with practical reasoning, I pray you always have some of your ever so slightly wacky ideas.  You are one of the most fun spirited kids I know and you are always, always good for a laugh when the rest of us need one (and occasionally sometimes when we don't).  When you were just a tiny little guy I loved that your eyes disappeared when you really smiled and I'm thankful that today, even as you inch ever closer to "big guy" status, they still do.  You love to create fanciful vehicles with legos, run at top speed, keep us all in stitches with your antics and jokes, you're a number cruncher, and you've recently discovered a love for reading.  You have one of the few pure hearts in the world and are saddened by the injustice of global poverty.  While you like "your stuff," you'd gladly share what you have with those in need and you want for others to know about the love of Christ you continue to learn about.

I am proud of who you are now and can't wait to see who you become as you fully blossom into the young man God intends for you to be.

For the honor of the role of being your mommy, I am richly blessed.
I love you more with each passing day!


speaking of antics...
leave it to you to crack us up as you enjoy the gummy worm off your oreo dirt cake doughnut!


Traci said...

happy half birthday Caleb!!!

Traci said...
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Laurie said...

What a cutie!! Happy 8 and 1/2, Caleb!!