Halloween ~ the M7 + friends trick-or-treat posse

Continuing with the "better late than never" theme...

We moved from our previous city to our new location in October of 2008.  That first year we spent Halloween in Guangzhou with our "two time China traveling friends" (otherwise known as Darby and her family...we both expanded from families of three to parties of four that trip)

The following October we weren't sure where we were likely to score the best candy for trick-or-treating, so we called upon our Halloween buddies and spent the evening collecting treats with them.  

kylie, darby, henry and caleb
halloween 2009
excuse me while i sob just a is it possible that they were so tiny?
With that one candy foraging night, a tradition was born.

Five years later the original four are much bigger...for that matter, so is the party size!  We're still trick-or-treating with these guys, we just alternate at whose home we begin.  2014 was back in our 'hood and so we four adults spent the evening watching our seven kids collect more candy than we could consume.

The 2014 C4/M7 Trick-or-Treating posse.
The cuteness is almost overwhelming...
and the sugary sweetness of their haul IS overwhelming!

Henry (as his dad's "mini-me" ~ see picture below) and Caleb the "boy scout prepared with a head lamp wearin', angry bird pig totin', red Ninja.  China brothers and terrific friends.

Daniel the blue Ninja.
(wait, can you see him?)

Ky and Darbs, the giant hot dog.
After last year's two headed dragon, I can hardly wait to see what they come up with for this year.

Natalie the raked leaf pile.

DQ, otherwise known as Red from the animated flick Hoodwinked.

And us.
He is the practical, rule following Emmet to my impulsive, "let's go with it" Wyldstyle. 

together we make a pretty great team and with him by my side, everything is awesome
It was indeed an awesome night!

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