the triple 8s

My three "big kids."

With just 364 days from Ky to DQ with Caleb sandwiched almost in the middle, we have one magical day a year they are triplets.

Watch out world, this is a trio to be reckoned with...
triple 8 day!


and just because it's fun...even ifmaybe a bit see just how much they've changed since they've become a trio



in the Magic Kingdom...somehow overlooked the "just triplets" shot that day
but here they are, the three five year olds with the three year old


sadly, there is no picture of the three of them the day they were all three.
i'll chalk it up to jetlag having been home four days and still recovering from walking pneumonia...


Kari H said...

Hi Kristi, I sent you an email about a week ago. Just wanted to check and see if you got it. :) If you don't want to reply, no worries.. just wanted to confirm you saw it. :) Thanks so much! ~ Kari

Saundra Shultz said...

/what a joy to watch them grow.