Sunset Beach 2014 {back at the beach house}

Because of the amount of time our family spends on the beach itself, for years we splurged and went for either an oceanfront or second row house so we'd be as close as possible.  

But as our families grew the cost of a house big enough right on the water became more and more of an issue.  We began to explore our options and came up with the perfect solution...a house further back on a canal with our own dock.  

Before bed at night and in the quiet hours of the morning (when kids were up anticipating a new day in the ocean but parents will still trying to catch a few extra zzz's on vacation) many a card game was played.

We also brought along a few puzzles this year.

And if one round of YamSlam was played, I'll bet there were fifty...

Inside time at the house was good, but most of the time at the house the kids were on, or near, the dock.
On the rainy day they swam in the canal with the dads.

Games and swimming were enjoyed, but most waking hours at the house were spent fishing pole in hand.

So much so that bait became a line item in the vacation budget this year.

Ian and Adam spent many an hour down on the dock with the kids... the mornings while Traci and I assembled sandwiches and gathered snacks...

...and in the evenings while we got dinner going.  They served both as lifeguards and bait patrol.  Eventually though, even the girls were taking part in getting shrimp or squid on their hooks.

...with a little help from uncle ian...
The smiles on their faces each time a tug on the rod was rewarded with a (catch and release) fish were totally worth all the extra time on deck.

And not all of the fishing was done with a rod and reel.

Creative measures were taken to secure a few small crustaceans.

no worries little buddy, you won't meet the same fate as your distant relatives we consume at Joe's...
It may be a little walk from our canal houses to the beach, but when it means you've got your own fishing area?  Well, for our crew that means it's just perfect!

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Saundra Shultz said...

Oh, what a glorious week. The beach, the canal, 7 amazing grand-children, Daughters and their amazing husbands; Grandma Miller and me. Lots of relaxing and playing on the beach and in the water. The canal and our dock. Not sure how it could have been any better!