Overheard {wouldn't have enough}


Surely I'm not the only one that can't keep their son's knees enclosed in pants.  

Seriously, it seems that he comes home with a new hole in a pair of jeans at least once a week.  

Sometimes twice.  

Or more.

I've stopped making him change clothes before school when he comes downstairs in a pair with the knees blown out.  And I've stopped buying replacements.  At least until they are too short.  We've gotta have some money left to eat after all.  

I mean, I do hold standards for church...there is a pair that hang in his closet that are only ~ and I do mean ONLY ~ to be worn to church.  

But I figure social services aren't going to come after me for letting him wear holey jeans to school.  There are simply bigger fish to fry around here.  

Besides, in a conversation the other day he told me that he didn't mind the draft during cold weather.  And when I asked him if he wanted me to take all of the jeans with holes out of his drawer, he smiled, his eyes disappeared, and he said...

 ..."Better not.  I think that I wouldn't have enough jeans left."

For the record, he speaks truth.  I counted.

Beyond his church jeans, he has one pair with no holes what-so-ever.

I give him a few days.


Tiffany said...

These days are flying by- such cute little knees too!!!

Cindy M said...

There are some mighty cute photos of your boy in this world, but I think that one might be the cutest. Love him so much!

Laurie said...

Okay, I just read this to Scott and he said, "Tell her he can wear those jeans to church cause they are, after all, holy!!! I know, see what I live with?? 😃