8 years with our girl

Eight years ago...or yesterday as it seems...this girl made me a mom.

She's gone through so many phases and changes in that amount of time.  One trend that we've been noticing though is an ever increasing confidence level.

She is proud of her Chinese heritage...often proudly claiming to be the only Asian child in her class this year...and has become quite comfortable in her Chinese-American skin.  

But despite her pride and her love of dumplings, she embraced her American side when it came to her dinner selection for her special day.  Smashburger was her request and she thoroughly enjoyed her burger with ketchup and extra, extra, extra, extra pickles.

And then of course a few days later we were able to celebrate with her two local 'China sisters' at our favorite Chinese buffet.  Lottie, Darby and Ky are quite the trio and getting a decent picture of the three of them proved to be more than any of us parents could manage.

Sad that it was the picture of the seven siblings that turned out slightly better...

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