a big girl now

Oh my sweet you turned five.



Little one, much as I don't want to admit it, you have grown so much since your birthday last year.   Of course not all of your growth has been measurable with a ruler...

 While you have gotten nearly four inches taller since this time last year, the most noticeable difference in you is just how much you've come alive.  In the very beginning of your time with us we quickly realized you were a force to be reckoned with.  But at that time it showed mostly when you were upset.  After a brief burst of your vibrant personality immediately upon arrival home, you were most frequently quiet and reserved.  In fact for a little while I wondered if you were ever going to begin to let your guard down and show us your spunky side again.

I need not have worried.

Cause once you crossed that 'language is holding me back' hurdle, there was no turning back.  I even kinda remember the day it happened.  I had taken you to the restroom at church (halfway through the message of course) and while you were in the stall you started jibbering at me in Mandarin.  And you went on and on and when you finally stopped there was a pause as if you expected me to answer.  So I roll in with, "You know sweetie, Mommy doesn't understand you when you speak in Chinese."
Your response?
(giggle) "Oh yeah." (giggle)  "I forgot..."  (giggle, giggle, giggle)

And from then on you rolled in English.  It was amazing.

YOU are amazing!

One thing that is absolutely precious about you is that while you are a spicy lil' bit with lots of pizzaz, you still get tongue tied about being the center of attention.  Your expression when we brought out the cake and all sang to you mirrored the one you gave last year on this day when you received your first ever birthday present...almost as if you couldn't believe so much of a fuss was being made over you.

Believe it or not little one (note that I didn't call you baby girl, now that you are five I have to give up the baby part, but you still are the littlest around here) the fuss and fanfare was all for you.  We stopped what we were doing to focus on you because we all adore you.  You came into this family and filled a spot we hadn't realized was empty until your fullness showed us just how much vitality we had been lacking.

it was a Frozen birthday with you receiving an Elsa dress from us, an Elsa doll from Grandma S, and Elsa shoes from Grandma M.  your little Frozen heart was thrilled!
 May the thrill of chocolate AND strawberry cake always excite you the way it did tonight.

Thank you my dearest Natalie for living life out loud.  You teach me daily that each and every moment 
is one to be savored.  That I am blessed to be your mommy is not lost on me.

With all that I am, I love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet, beautiful, Natalie! You are so worth the fuss of your birthday cake and presents and you are worth so much more!! Happy 5th Birthday, Natalie! God's Blessings on your precious life. :) Beautiful Girl.


Di said...

Happy Birthday from Scotland Natalie! It looks like 5 will be a lot of fun..

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie!