birthday joy

**yeah, this is nearly a month has been, um, busy.  and I would have let them go as I had already done a birthday post...but there was something about her expression that had to be shared**

Just in case you've ever wondered what it looks like when someone receives their very first birthday gift at age four...

For our newly turned four year old it looked a lot like disbelief that something so wonderful was actually happening.

I suppose that we can't be 100% certain Natalie had never received a birthday present before.

But because of the fact she clearly had no idea how old she was when asked by a native Chinese speaker ~ so there was no language barrier ~ we're fairly certain that birthdays one, two and three came and went for her with no fanfare.

There were many things we could have chosen to give her as a gift, but we knew she loved to be outside and while the tricycle was fun, she wanted to be like her siblings and ride a bike.

So our gift to her was a tiny pink and purple bike...a gently used one at that.

But she didn't see it as a used bike.   Instead to her it was a new-found freedom to follow along.  It was perhaps the most perfect birthday gift we've given.

...and then there were five...


Grandma Shultz said...

Sweet, Natalie. Your birthdays are not a very special part of your year. In your family, you'll even celebrate your 1/2 birthday. It is obvious that your were delighted with your bike. Now you are just one of the riding gang. Love you, little one.

Amy Murphy said...

That look was just precious!!!!

Heather said...

She looks so sweet and in disbelief! How precious!!

Anonymous said...

So precious and life changing for this sweet treasure!

Happy 4th Birthday, Beautiful Natalie!

Miss hollym. and Anna girl:)

Traci Cline said...

So so so cute! I love her expression!

Glenda said...

Aww, so very sweet! Happy belated birthday, Natalie!