Ky at 8 1/2


It nearly takes my breath away that today you are 8 1/2.  So close to 9.  And 9 is really, really close to 10 which takes us into double digits...

But before you ask for the keys to the car and drive away to college, let's hit the pause button for a second to document a bit of who you are today, shall we?

You are now a self proclaimed "swimnast."  Two years ago you cried on the starting blocks, but this summer something clicked and you just took off.  After a great summer season, you asked us if you could give year round swimming a try.  And the fire in your eyes told us you were serious.  Now you are officially a Marlin and I can't wait to see you go!

Reading is another one of your passions right now.  Countless times you've been "missing" and we've found you lost in another time and place, nose buried deep in a book.  Historical fiction like Little House on the Prairie and American Girl series are you top choices right now.  One thing for sure, we never have to ask you to do your daily reading; rather we frequently have to ask you to stop...

It has been so much fun to watch you grow up.  Gone is the quiet, reserved, ultra shy pre-schooler.  In her place is a gregarious, often dramatic, spirited big girl.  It happened almost overnight this past spring, as if someone simply turned on your animation switch.

You've always been the one that your younger siblings have looked up to, but lately you have taken full command of that role.  You are the rallying point, the mood ring, and the trend setter for the four younger M kids.  And you LOVE it!

Speaking of little M kids...last week we had three little friends with us for two days.  You enjoyed the  five year old twins, but you were totally taken with the active, joyful, adorable 18 month old.  So taken that you actually asked if we could go back to China for a wee one that same age.  No matter that you've been vocal of late that we should stay the M7, if you could have a toddler brother, you'd be on a plane tomorrow.

Something else endearing about you at this time is your sense of fairness.  It runs from as child-like quite mature, often jumping between the two in a matter of minutes.  One minute you're concerned about which M kid got the most ice cream in their bowl and the next you voice your heartbreak that there are children going to bed that night without parents of their very own to tuck them in.  You have your sights set on being an emergency room vet, but it wouldn't surprise me if social work was in your future.

K-Boo, you bring a zest to life that is all your own.  May the second half of eight be just as sweet as the first!

All my love,

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Anonymous said...

Another Sweet Cheeks! Happy 1/2 Birthday, Miss Beautiful Kylie! You and your sisters and brothers make me smile! What a wonderful family!

Blessings, hollym.:)