DQ at 7 1/2

My sweet DQ,

Today was a pink sprinkled doughnut milestone of a day for you.

Today marked the halfway point until your eighth birthday.

Baby girl, (...though I guess I can't really call you that anymore, can I?  How about I'll stop on March 9th next year when you turn eight?  Silly as the request sounds, you are so easy going and agreeable that I'm sure you won't mind...) I know that 7 1/2 isn't really that old, but time just marches along faster and faster every day and the next thing we both know you'll be 17 1/2.

you're such a good sport, you even tolerate the bunny ear phase your little brother seems stuck in

Because this growing up thing happens so very fast, let's stop and take a moment to document who you are today.  While predictable in your food preferences, not too spicy, no dips or condiments, you are the wild card in activity choices.  It wouldn't surprise me to find you holed off in your room deeply engrossed in a book or with a Wii remote in your hand, practicing your archery skills or your dance moves.  One day you may spend hours playing with dolls alongside your sisters, the next you're involved in a high spirited hide and seek game with your brothers.  I suppose being "the very middle" of the kids has something to with it.  And I'll mention that you have stated you'd like to remain the middle child and you've given the creative solution that two siblings be added, one older and one younger than you if the family were to expand.

This week you start music lessons.  While I still hope that one day you'll decide to pursue some type of dance ~ because you seem to "feel music" ~ I think this will be a good fit for you and I can't wait to see you rock out that sparkly, dark pink guitar.

I also must mention your sweet heart.  Sure you've got a streak of sour...don't we all?...but you are very attune to the feelings and plight of others.  Ever since you spoke English fluently enough and started joining in at bedtime prayers, you have said a prayer for the heart of your "China brother" to heal.  Every night.  Without fail.  You also donated most of your piggy bank toward surgery costs for some of the precious babies at New Day and you pray for them to have forever families nightly as well.

You are a toddler whisperer.  The tiny siblings of several of our friends break into huge smiles and shout your name when they see you.  I suspect you'll have a lucrative baby sitting business going in a few years if that's what you decide to do to earn a few dollars.

You're the social butterfly of the family, forever with a play date on the calendar, often making decisions about activity choices based on who will be there rather than the activity itself.

When it all comes down to it, there's not much that I love seeing more than that sweet (right now toothless on top) smile of yours.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives!

Always my love,

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Anonymous said...

This girl definitely is a Peach! She has a way of making others smile as soon as her Beautiful smile lights up her sweet face. What a rich blessing she is to your family! :)

Happy I/2 Birthday, Beautiful Girl! And many, many more!

God's Blessings,