Spring Break 2014 {Fort Fisher}

Spring break.

We were so blessed to enjoy it in a lovely home that belongs to friends of ours down on the coast.  On our first day down we got settled in, grocery shopped, gave Natalie her first glimpse of the ocean, and then had a game night on the living room floor.

Sunday when we woke up the temps were in the 40s and we were looking at a high in the mid 50s with strong wind all day.  Not exactly the perfect day for building sand castles, so we packed a lunch and headed to Southport to catch the ferry to Fort Fisher.

This was BY FAR the best $5 we spent during our entire week.  The kids were totally amazed that you can drive your car onto a boat and then get out and walk around.

And icing on the cake?  I used to babysit for a couple who now live full time near Southport.  When the husband retired from his engineering career, he decided to work for the ferry system.  As we pulled onto the boat we saw him and he ended up inviting us up for a tour of the wheel house.  My boys were BLOWN AWAY with all the steering and radar and buttons and levers.  We probably could have turned around, bought another $5 ticket to ride back to Southport and called it a day.

But since we were at Fort Fisher, we took advantage of our NC Zoo membership and had free entry into the state aquarium.  We hung with alligators,

touched horseshoe crabs,

were mesmerized by stingrays,

checked out the scuba diver show,

got attacked by a megaladon,

watched a fish feeding,

and admired various statues on the trail out.

It may have been a cold and windy day, but we made the best of it!

And topping the day off with pounds of peel and eat shrimp and shrimpburgers at Provision Company?

Well, it doesn't get much better.

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Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun, fact filled day. And to end it at Provisions was an extra treat. Neat that Rick could show you around the control room of the ferry.