her first glimpse of the sea

For the last several weeks she's been hearing her siblings excitedly talk about "the beach."  She had no idea what they were talking about but she could tell from their excitement that it must be something good.  Caught up in their enthusiasm, she began to echo their questioning.  "Mommy, we go beach 'day?"

Day after day.

Today the answer finally was, "Yes!"

After dinner, still with no idea what she was headed for, she ran with her siblings toward this thing called "beach."

when asked what the beach was, she'd get a wry little grin, shrug her shoulders and almost whisper, "I don't know!"
 At the crest of the boardwalk I sprinted ahead of her, eager to see her reaction.  At first she just leaned in to pose with her biggest brother.

And then it became clear this was indeed the first time she ever saw the ocean.

She was truly stunned for a moment and stood, frozen in place, taking in the enormity of the sea.

Then she noticed that three of her siblings had run down before her...

...and not one to be left out, she headed down to the water's edge, hand in hand with best buddy.

The water may have been rough today from the storms that passed through this afternoon.

And it is waaayyy too cold to swim this trip.

But these moments, experiencing a first marvel at part of God's amazing creation, these are the moments I will treasure in my heart for years to come...


Laurie said...

LOVE her expression when she first sees it. She is just amazed... as I am every time I see it! :)

Fran said...

We tend to take so much for granted. It must have been a heartfelt moment when your little saw the ocean for the first time!!! Her expressions were precious!

Fran said...


Melissa said...

I know I haven't commented in forever, but I have to telL you that I have gone back and read this 3 times and I love every piece of it! What amazing pictures, Expressions, and love in all of it. !!!!