eight is enough

Kylie Boo,

Eight?  It seems impossible and yet here you are...cheering on the start of another year.

This morning we hurried through breakfast to make sure you had time to open your gifts before school. You are quite the reader these days and can get lost in a book.  You enjoy a variety of genres, but have been particularly interested in stories about pioneering times so we got you the first book in the Little House on the Prairie series.  True to your bookworm self, you asked if you could stick it in your book bag just in case you had extra time in class today to start reading.

yes, that's a load of clean laundry waiting to be folded on the couch.  you do have four siblings and so the laundry is never quite done you know...

And you were equally excited about your travel set for Kyla, your Journey Girl doll.  We had no sooner walked in the door this afternoon before you, Darcy and Natalie had your dolls out and were packing suitcases for them...being sure to grab their passports just in case an opportunity for international travel would arise.

 Our stretch of beautiful weather continued today and when Daddy got home you asked to kick the soccer ball around in the front yard.  The rest of the gang views you as the leader of the pack and so within minutes your siblings and daddy were laughing away, soaking up the late afternoon sunshine.

Your happy voices made me delay calling everyone in for dinner as long as possible, so I brought out some veggies to cut on the front porch and enjoyed the moment with you.  And why was I cooking on your birthday instead of driving you to your favorite TexMex restaurant?  Well, when presented with the question of going out tor having me fix a special meal of your choice, you didn't even hesitate before requesting meatloaf, mashed potatoes and garlic green beans.

Your birthday dessert of choice?  From scratch brownies baked in muffin tins.  You helped me make them of course.

And then in your sweet way, you proposed that even though your sister's birthday was yesterday and we had the dessert of her choice, that we give her a candle too because we didn't put a candle in her s'more last night.

you two have your share of disagreements, but you are the best of friends
So happy, happy birthday to my oldest child.  Continue to let your little light shine!  You amaze me with your blossoming maturity and your generosity.  Just this weekend you voluntarily opened your piggy bank and counted out over half of what you had to donate to Albert's liver transplant surgery.  You wear your heart on your sleeve but yet you are willing to risk loving big...just as the Father loves you.  I see humility and grace growing daily in you.

But let's slow down this growing up thing, for a while anyway.  Eight is enough already...

All my love,


Grandma Shultz said...

I'm delighted that your birthday was such a special day for such a special girl. We all love your beautiful smile, your generous heart, your sweet disposition and the way that you lovingly give to others. Love you Kylie.

Anonymous said...

Precious, Precious, Precious.

Happy Birthday Kylie and Darcy also.


Traci said...

Happy birthday Kylie!
Sorry we didn't get to talk to you that day! We tried several times but you guys are just too busy! :)
We love you!