a glimpse at seven

Dear Darcy,

Seven.  We celebrated your seventh birthday today.  And while it seems unbelievable that time is passing so quickly, all I have to do is look at your beaming smile and see that it is indeed true.  As your big sister put it last night, "You don't look six anymore."  And you don't act six anymore either, just this morning you got your own bowl of cereal and since I was drying my hair, and she was hungry, you got your little sister a bowl as well.

Your birthday marks "triplet day" at our house.  Some kids would dislike splitting the focus of their special day, but you take it all in stride and embrace being the youngest of the "triplets" for just one day.  I suspect it has something to do with the unique relationship you three share.

I'm certain it was just yesterday that you three were all three...
Despite the fact that we always seem to be a few steps behind these days, we managed to squeeze in enough time for you to open your gifts from Daddy and I before we headed to church.  You were thrilled with the sleepover set for Kelsey (your Journey Girl doll).  You and Kylie have spent countless hours over the past year taking Kelsey and Kyla on adventures and I'm sure pajama parties will soon become part of your imaginative play.  And for you of course there was a book.  This picture of you admiring your Rainbow Fairy book makes me smile...there's a lock of hair hanging in front of your face ~ as there usually is ~ but you don't notice it at all.  It's just not your nature to be bothered with hair in your eyes, I suppose there are more important things on your mind.

You and Kylie had talked about playing with your dolls this afternoon, but it was a beautiful NC "pre-spring" day, a lovely change from the dreary rain and cold we've been experiencing lately...fitting weather for your birthday!

For the two hours your youngest siblings slept, and even for a while after they got up, you and your two amigos played "adventure explorers" outside.

we were experiencing brief shutter sticking issues...
For dinner you had your choice of going out to a favorite restaurant or having a special meal cooked at home.  Your request was dumplings and noodles, four years after we first met you, still your two very favorite foods.  And since the weather was so nice, we ate outside as you requested.

And dessert.  You didn't care about cake or ice cream or pie or any of the traditional birthday desserts.  Nope, not you.  Your request was to have s'mores.  So there were no candles to blow out on your birthday this year ~ though we did have to blow out a few marshmallows.

DQ, I love that instead of being a follower, you march to the beat of your own drum.  People are drawn to you and I have no doubt that it is because you radiate the Father's love well.  Seven looks like it is going to be your best year yet!

Keep twirling my beautiful girl!



Tina Michelle said...

Aww that is sweet. Happy birthday!

Laurie said...

She is just darling, Kristi! I love the triplets day at your house- such a fun and unique type of celebration!

Ty said...

Happy Birthday, Darcy!

Grandma Shultz said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Darcy. That beautiful smile of yours just warms my heart. You are so loved by all who meet you. You love others easily; share willingly; give generously. I'm delighted that you had such a special birthday celebration that was all "yours". No one else had one just like yours with eating your favorite meal on the back porch and then toasting s'mores. Sounds like so much fun. I love you,

Lindy D. said...

You should be so flattered that both girls want Mama's cooking for their birthdays. Very sweet!

Traci said...

Happy birthday Sweet Darcy! We all love you to pieces!!!