learning to love

So far Natalie has made it clear where we all stand.

 She really likes her brothers, she thinks baba is entertaining, and she adores her sisters.

Me though? could be said that I'm not quite her favorite at this time.

She's comfortable with me.  She's willing to hold my hand and even happier to let me carry her.  

I'd even go as far as to say she likes me...she's just not ready to fully let me into her heart at this time.

She's refusing to call me Mama and is calling me calling me ayi (auntie) instead.

I'm willing to be patient slowly but surely earn her trust and then eventually her love.

And for now, I'll settle for a few more kisses and smiles.  


Shannon said...

Oh my gracious...LOVE seeing the continued knitting together of the M7! Even the pictures ...and of course your way with words reveal the gradual healing of her heart!So very beautiful! She truly does look like she is a perfect fit! Only God could ordain! Praying for your continued bonding and knowing that it is only a matter of time! Love you guys!

Rita and John said...

Beautiful! Praying she'll let you into her heart soon...and that God will give you the strength to wait for that time. Love the photos!

Traci said...

So happy she likes you all! Glad she is enjoying the kids! What a precious smile!

Heather said...

LOVED seeing and reading all about the M7! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. I remember the breakfast buffet, I can't imagine navigating it with 5 kids, ha! Praying for her sweet spirit as she learns, in time, all that it means to be your daughter.

likeschocolate said...

Precious! As the saying goes, time heals all wounds.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl! Natalie fits your
precious family perfectly! I am so happy for you all! Such a darling, smiling, little peanut to add to your mountains of joy!
She is Beautiful! The happy tears are flowing a bit here.:) I wasn't able to check your first posts due to Internet problems so I was anxious and praying for you all that all would go well!
So awesome for the rest of your Treasures to witness Forever Family/Gotcha Day.
Praying for safety, good health, and a happy trip HOME!

God Blessings,

Leslie said...

Really nothing makes me happier right now than seeing that there are THREE Miller updates! Whoohoo!!!

These photographs are beautiful. It is clear that God ordained you to be little Natalie's mommy, and I can't wait for her to learn to trust that.

Every time I see a photo of her, I just want to give her a huge hug through the screen. It will take a lot of restraint when I meet her not to smother her. :)