another rainy day in Changsha

This morning we had to awaken our little sleepy head.  While she may not adore me just yet, we have a lot in common...mornings just aren't our thing.  She was cross and stayed irritated throughout most of breakfast, but she didn't create a huge scene even though she refused to eat most everything we offered until we were getting ready to leave the table.

We met Amy at 9 and while our plan as of last night was to head to Marytr's Park first, the rain changed out plans a bit.  First order of business, the embroidery museum.  There we admired some amazing finished works of art.

The exquisite detail... a huge piece of artwork was amazing!

Amazingly enough, the museum entertained even the kids.  There were different types of thread to feel.

And we got to go in and watch some artists in action.  If it hadn't been for the two youngest, we would have stayed for an indefinate amount of was fascinating to watch the precision in their work.  As we walked out of the room, Kylie exclaimed, "That was SO cool!"  I think if she lived here she'd want to be part of keeping this custom alive.

The weather didn't improve much for us, but after spending most of the day in the hotel yesterday competing in hall Olympics, (where we started on our hall and had the kids bear crawl down the hall and back.  Then we took the elevator to the next floor down and they hopped down the hall and back.  Then down another floor where they got a new assignment.  It may sound weird, but it sure beat being cooped up in a room with five kids under the age of eight all afternoon!) we decided that gloomy skies or not, we needed to let the kids get their wiggles out.

To Martyr's Park we went!

Immediately we knew it was the right decision as the boys could run ahead of us without fear of them getting run over in the street or getting us in trouble in the hotel.

indoctrination starts early...
 There are so many pretty spots in the park that our time there could best be summed up as the kids running ahead and then us requesting a quick photo shoot most every time they paused to catch their breath.

lollipops are good for a smile or two after they start to get annoyed.  
 We also came across an older gentleman practicing calligraphy with water on a covered bridge.  Caleb was the first to try and after a few corrections by the man, showed great potential at writing the symbols of his native language.

Not to be left out, little Miss "I can do whatever my siblings are doing" decided to jump in and try her hand as well.

Then less than $1 bought about 30 minutes of entertainment as we fed the koi in the pond.

Following yet another amazing meal, we were walking to an embroidery shop when this street vendor caught our eye.  He was making amazing phoenix birds out of ribbon scraps and for less than $4 each of our kids walked away with a bird that they promptly named and began flying alongside them on the sidewalk.

Following rest time (and we'll just say that it didn't go as smoothly as the previous day and leave it at that) Hannah, Ian and the kids and I went exploring the alleyways near our hotel.  We walked through a street vegetable market, sampled some street breads, and ate at an amazing little "hole in the wall" restaurant where I can truly say we had our best ~ and least expensive ~ meal yet.  As we ordered our dishes, the waitress picked up vibrant colored fresh veggies off of a shelf and took them to the kitchen.  I think we are going to have to go back to get some pictures...and I simply must have the eggplant there again!

All is quiet now and I need to get some sleep before our last full day in Changsha.  Tomorrow has some exciting exploring in store for us!


Heather said...

The embroidery museum was a favorite of ours as well. Those double sided pieces, crazy. We did have the same guide Amy, she is wonderful. Please tell her we said hello and Eli is going great. :) Enjoy your last day in Changsha. Looking forward to your adventures in Guangzhou!

Traci said...

Have fun exploring on your last day in Changsha. Take some pictures for me.
How cool are those birds!?
Natalie looks so cute in her hookie outfit.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I guess the new shoes were a no go given that Natalie is still wearing the pink ones. Sorry the rest of the afternoon was crazy. At least you have good companions and good food.

Brad said...

Although I love all of the photos, I particularly love the one of Caleb trying his hand at calligraphy with the sucker stick poking out of his mouth.

Glenda said...

So glad it's going well. Hopefully tomorrow won't be rainy. I can't wait to see that precious little girl in person. She looks like she fits right in! Miss you!

Anne said...

Your blog has been the first thing I check in the morning. I can't wait to see how you all are doing! Today's post was great. It's awesome to see that Natalie is adjusting. The kids look like they're really enjoying the trip. I was awed by the pics of the embroidery museum. I can't imagine how someone could do all of that by hand. Amazing! Enjoy your last day in Changsha. Can't wait to see your next post!

Anne in Colorado

Lorna said...

This post brought a smile to my face! I love the photo of the kids all dressed in the matching VT outfits. It looks like Natalie has always been a part of your family!!