our garden: first harvest

Finally the day my "little green thumbs in training" were waiting for arrived.

totally diggin' the ballet leotard and rain boots...
...and our INSANE zucchini plants in the foreground
Upon close inspection of our cucumber plants, we discovered that it was time for the first harvest from our garden.

After watching Ian's example of how to carefully avoid the prickly leaves,

the girls each picked one of our favorite veggies.

We may have devoured the entire harvest at one meal, but that's okay, there are more growing where those came from.


Courtney said...

Congratulations on their first harvest. They look soo proud of their hard work.

Grandma Shultz said...

Looks like some nice cubongers. Know Daniel was delighted! Good work my little chickadees. Grandma is so proud of your harvest.

Anonymous said...

Jealous here in NYC! We've had our garden planted for a while now but no harvest yet. Soon I hope. I know you mentioned you planted a garden before but just in case: eggplant also have "pricklies" on them & unless you like "bambam" sized clubs, check & pick those zucchini often. We've had some that we thought would be ok for a day or so only to come back to find huge zucchini. Now, they DO make great zucchini bread but only so much ZB can be eaten before one gets tired of it! oh yea, & a dehydrator will make great zucchini chips if you get more than you can handle!

Traci said...

I love the work clothes and boots as well as the leotard and boots! Yummy! Glad you won the war against the bunnies!