just two wheels

It seems like just yesterday that he could barely reach the pedals on his new bike...

december 2011
...yet tonight I watched ~ and of course documented ~ a few adjustments that he and his daddy made to that bike.

Then, with just a hand to steady him as he started motion, he was off!

Tonight I stood in the same cul de sac, watching the same kid on the same bike...just minus two wheels.

We figured for a while now that he was ready, it's just that the right moment just hadn't presented itself.  Until today when he asked his buddy Elijah ~ a new two wheeler himself ~ if he could try to ride his bike.

That venture went amazingly well and then all my little one could talk about at dinner tonight was, "I ride  bike wif juss two wheels!  I no need train wheels now.  You take of my train wheels Daddy?  You take them off night?"

 We knew he was serious about his request when he asked if we skip going to get ice cream (family date night) so we could ride in the "cul sac."  There was almost mutiny before Ian promised to take the wheels off when we got home so he could show off his new skill tonight.

True to his word, even though dusk was falling when we got home, Ian and Daniel worked together to remove those training wheels.

And Daniel never looked back.

Guess my baby boy is growing up just as fast as the rest of them.



Glenda said...

Way to go, Daniel. The cul de sac will never be the same with the two new "two wheelers"!

Grandma Shultz said...

Grandma is so proud of you, Daniel. Now you can ride on the "roundy" road just like all the others. WooHoo!

Traci said...

AWESOME job Daniel! Aunt Cici is so proud of you!

Nancy B W said...

Go, D, GO!!! :)