my baby whisperer

Baby Evelyn was born back in July.  The day we went to meet her 'the big kids' all took their turn holding that sweet bundle of preciousness.

Thankfully that summer day Daniel didn't ask to hold the delicate, five day old baby .  While I think Leslie just might have let him (with assistance of course), I was the one not quite sure he was quite ready for such a task.  Yes, that day he was busy with the toys that Evelyn's older siblings played with and didn't give a second glance to the baby sleeping in my arms.

But as he and I have continued to have a 'Ms. Leslie day,' throughout the year, he's expressed more and more of an interest in 'baby Ev-wyn.'  Most visits now he'll automatically find a secure place to sit and ask if he can hold the baby.

Several times now he's patiently held her and I finally had my camera.  Looks like he's a little natural at this.

Here's hoping that he doesn't expect his ' little Nat-a-wee' to be such a baby...


Laurie said...

That is the sweetest picture! He looks quite content, and I'm sure he'll make a GREAT big brother!

Jenn said...

Sweet, sweet!!!!

likeschocolate said...

He will be great with Natalie! So sweet!

Traci said...

That is just too precious! daniel you are such a big boy!