can I hold her?

Almost two weeks ago a dear friend of mine had a baby girl.

I was just dying to see her and so I whipped up one of my banana coffee cakes (I know, sounds weird, but they are so yum!) and invited myself over.  I mean, I didn't want to invite myself over ONLY to hold that baby.  The cake made it more like a "let me do something for you" gesture.  Besides, I had to get a hug around Leslie's neck, she spent the final weeks of her pregnancy suffering from one whopper of a head cold/sinus infection and it had been far too long since we'd had the chance to spend a day together.  

When we first walked in sweet baby Evelyn was chillin' in her bouncy seat and I was spellbound.

So tiny.  So beautiful.  So precious.

Then Leslie said the words I was so hoping to hear.  "You can pick her up if you want to."

Did I want to?

Uh.  Yeah!

So we caught up with one another while I cradled those 8ish pounds of preciousness in my arms.  That sweet baby just slept peacefully the entire time.

And when a chorus of requests came from my crew to hold the baby, I started to explain that they could hold Evie when she was a little bigger, a little stronger, a little older...

But Leslie is one heck of a laid back rock-star mommy.  I guess twins the first go around had something to do with that.

Because she let all three of my bigs take their turn holding her five day old baby girl.

**For the record, Daniel didn't ask.  He was too busy playing with the twins' toy collection to notice the sleeping baby.**

I love how each one of them felt compelled to touch her ~ ever so gently ~ on the top of her little head. As if just feeling the weight of her in their laps wasn't enough.  They wanted to make contact.

While we stayed a little longer than I had originally anticipated, I think we made it out before the natives got too restless.  With another pan of banana cake, we may even be able to work ourselves back in soon...


1001tears said...

Awww, I love to see kids ever so gently hold a newborn! And I love her name...I have an Evie, too.

Anonymous said...

I. Love. Holding. Babies.
And 8lbs sounds so big for a 5 day old, after having held 5lb 5-week olds.

Grandma Shultz said...

Congratulations to J and L on a beautiful baby girl. Bet the twins love her. Caleb, Darcy and Kylie, Grandma is so proud of the gentle way that you held Evie and stroked her little head.

Leslie said...

Well, we always welcome the Miller game with or without their amazing banana cake. =) Thanks for visiting us and loving on our little Evie. We look forward to many, many more playdates together... hopefully very soon!

Andrea said...

What a special treat, holding the baby and the cake! Your gang looks smitten with that precious little one. And FYI, your hair looks more lustrous than a Pantene commercial.

Anonymous said...

That baby is so so sweet. She even has a part in her hair already, :) D.Q. looks like a natural.