what happened here?

A good bit of the time it feels like, as a family of six, that we're a well oiled machine.

And then there are days, or a string of them in a row ~ like last week, that leave me scratching my head and asking, "What just happened here?"

Laundry went unfolded, the floors may have been swept but certainly were not mopped, meals were tossed together on the fly, toys were strewn about in every room (not just the playroom), it seemed like we were running hither and yon, and my big kids got "the treat" of getting to buy their lunch (which of course was a way to thinly disguise my lack of organization in getting to make their lunches).

It would not have been a good week for Better Homes and Gardens to drop by.

Let's just say we wouldn't have made the cover.

Our social worker did come though.  And while the house was what it was, she seemed to like what she saw.  I think I was almost surprised.

But then I stopped to think about it.

Our house, in all its occasional disorganization, is truly lived in.  Now I'm not so much advocating for lackadaisical housekeeping and poor menu planning, but rather embracing the life in the moment...for within these walls as they are, life happens.  And while it may be loud, boisterous, and often slightly messy,  we do love.  And love is BIG here.  After all, as we were reminded at church yesterday, we were created in the image of love Himself...

More on that thought to come.  But so far this week, I'm still scratching my head and wondering what just happened here.  But when it all gets back under control, I'll be back.

Because big love leaves lots of fun stories.


likeschocolate said...

I am not one to talk because my house is usually spotless, but I believe god is more interested in how we test one another than clean homes. Sometimes we have weeks like this.

Learning Together at Home said...

Oh I know the lived in feeling! Our new SW came last week and my husband had just finished touch up painting the stairway railings 3 hours before. Never have I prayed for paint to be dry before. She has to come back this week so we can finish up our paperwork and the house will most likely be back to its lived in state. sigh. You're right though. It's real life. And we are too busy living it. Love trumps laundry any day. :)

Nancy said...

Yay for big love!

anything but LoKEY said...

This is so true!! We had one of those weeks too. I hate them when they are here, but sometimes I wonder if they aren't a little bit good for us in some way. Finally catching up on my laundry today. :)