how we beat the Monday blues

I know that every day is a gift and that I should be grateful for each and every one.  And for the most part, I am.  But if I'm going to be perfectly honest, the weekends are my favorite.  

After all, for 48+ hours I'm surrounded by the five people that make this job of "family engineer" worth the salary.  It's a hubbub of noise, activity, hugs and kisses for family movie night, lazy Saturday mornings and Sunday.

But then comes Monday morning.  After the five alarm fire drill that is seeing Ian off for the start of a work week and getting "the big kids" out of the house dressed, hair combed, fed, and with backpacks, it gets really quiet.  Eerily quiet.

Daniel and I could easily stand around blinking at each other trying to figure out how it can go from a flurry of activity and laughter to silence except for the two of us, or we could choose to fight the Monday blues.  I chose the latter.  

Queue "M home preschool."  

After nearly a two year hiatus, I've added "preschool teacher" back into my job description.  My little guy LOVES it.

I've pulled many of the same fine motor skill, letter learning, number practice and color matching activities back out of my bag of tricks.  But it's all new for Daniel and he enjoys the activities.

It's been fun to watch him get excited about discovery, not to mention be amazed with how much he's soaking in.  Letter recognition (capitals and lowercase)?  He's got that.  Letter sounds?  That too.  He recognizes his numbers 1 - 20, counts with one to one correspondence, and finally,  finally, doesn't get blue and yellow mixed up anymore.

My joy in seeing him learn has made it fun so far.  Of course I knew that when I did preschool before that I eventually stopped because I lost momentum.  So this time I pulled a secret weapon into plan.  Not only do Daniel and I spend most of Mondays learning, but his little buddy Corrie joins us for the day.

Quizzing each other on numbers while I get lunch ready
It's a win-win as Daniel gets to hang out with one of his best buddies and I have the added incentive to keep up with planning activities.

Corrie is a welcome addition to our weekly routine.  Her smile and little bit of adorable sass certainly help beat the Monday blues!


Heather said...

Well this looks like fun! I miss those preschool days for sure! And double the cuteness?! Perfect!

Nancy said...

I feel the same way on Mondays. I am still adjusting to Noah being at school. I miss him & Dave!

Laurie said...

LOVE that you're back doing M preschool. Those were some of my favorite posts- it was fun trying to guess which kiddo did which work. :) Daniel and his buddy look like they are loving it! Way to go!!

anything but LoKEY said...

So glad you are back to homeschooling. it is so much work, but it can be so much fun. I have decided to start enjoying every moment of it while it lasts.