sittin' on the dock of the bay

It's no secret that we are pretty hard core when it comes to hanging on the beach.

But this year we had a new way to enjoy the water that really benefited our family.

Due to a little procrastination some last minute planning on my part, we ended up in a house a few rows further back than we usually stay in.  That meant a slightly longer walk to the ocean.  Boo.

BUT that house a few rows further back was on a canal.  AND we had our very own dock.  Yay!

And did our kids ever make use of that dock!

It was a perfect way for them to start the mornings while Traci and I had the sandwich making/lunch packing brigade.

It also made for a great place for them to pass the time in the evenings waiting for dinner to be ready.

Mostly fishing ~ or baiting hooks for fishing ~  happened on the dock.

But, like at the ocean, when on the dock you could hear the call of the water.

And when water calls, you know little boys are going to find a way to answer.

Even if it requires the help of a grown up or two.

At first we weren't so sure about being 8th row.  Cause with 12 folks traipsing out to the beach, we carry a lot of stuff.  A crazy lot of stuff.  And a longer walk doesn't seem like such a great feature.

But having a dock turned out to be a wonderful new way to spend some of our relaxin' time.  We just may be back sittin' on the dock of the bay again next year!

our week long crew + Ms. Sue ~ having her join us for a few days needs to be repeated too!


Traci said...

Love the dock!!!!!!!!!! Want to go back NOW!

Grandma Shultz said...

Love each one of you so much. The week was marvelous. So happy that all of you love the beach....I can hear it calling now!

Our Journey to China said...

Awesome!! :)