new adventure

Airports.  I simply love them ~ always have.

Every time I walk down a concourse, whether I'm headed out or just arrived home, I glance right and left every few steps to read every city listed at every single gate.  Each door is one step away from a new adventure ~ a new city to explore is just one plane ride away!

Of course there was a time that arriving back at my home airport represented the end of one of those adventures.  Then my life changed.  On February 16 of 2007, Ian and I deplaned in our home city.  But instead of the adventure ending, it was just beginning.

Over the past 5 1/2 years we've been welcomed home four times, arms just a little fuller than when we left.  Four times I've come to realize that not all adventures start by getting on a plane headed to a new city.  Some adventures start when you get home... 

And two weeks ago I got to be there to welcome longtime friends home to the beginning of their own adventure.

Bless their hearts, they stepped off the plane in NYC looking for their flight home to NC.  That flight was cancelled.  So their 5:30pm arrival time got delayed.  Until after 11.  There may have been a few yawns, but no way were we going to miss being there.  I know how a few friendly faces bolstered my spirits after 30+ hours in motion.  

As for the kids?  

Well, they had known all day that they were going to welcome Anderson home.  They made signs.  They told complete strangers at every opportunity.  There was no way I could take it back.  So off we went, some even decked out in pajamas for the late night occasion.  

We waited forever.

Or at least it seemed like forever.  (which of course made me appreciate the friends and family that have stuck it out for us each time we've returned one family member larger).

Finally we were rewarded with our first glimpse of the H family of THREE!

Tears of joy, relief of being home, and sheer exhaustion flowed as they were greeted with open arms by her parents.  Hugs were exchanged by mother and daughter, son-in-law and father-in-law.  Then grandparents started to engage the grandson they'd admired in pictures for so long.

Having a few kids around seemed to give Anderson a second (or by the way their day went, a third or even fourth) wind.  The kids crowded in for some hands on experience on what would elicit his winning smile.

Not surprisingly, it was my big boy that got the first hug.  Not sure if it was his heart of gold or just his winning smile that won that reward.

Then it was Ky's turn to be admired.  He kept patting her on the belly instead of hugging her.  Being the no nonsense girl she is, she looked to the adults around for advice.  

I didn't hold him ~ though I really wanted to ~ but I did manage to steal a few smiles.  And he must have thought I was cutting a molar because he kept handing me his teething ring.  

Then the luggage (which had been left behind in NYC) got sorted out and then it was time for them to go ~ HOME.

Welcome to the adventure H family!  Can't wait to see you again.


Heather said...

Always so exciting to see new additions coming home and families being created. What a touching moment you were able to share! He's beautiful!

Saundra said...

What an exciting night of long anticipation! Welcome to your forever family, little H. We are all part of the village that wants to help raise you! We love you H family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the M family for being there to greet us. It was so wonderful to watch A and the kids interacting. And it was a relief to be back in the arms of family and friends that love us and will help raise A to the man-of-God he will one day become. The 3 of us are settling in down here and look forward to a visit from your family. We need your crew to help teach our waterbug how to swim!

Traci said...

Oh yeah... It was so worth the wait!

Nancy said...

God is good!