road trip part 2: family reunion

Okay, so it wasn't actually a family reunion.

Officially it was a 50 year anniversary party for my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Lynn.

Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Lynn with their 3 kids ~ Lori, Carol Lynn & Rusty
But since my grandfather left us last year, we hadn't all come together in one place at one time.  So it pretty much felt like a family reunion with a new generation (my dad's three sisters) at the helm.
Nancy, Carolyn and Deanna
While I've seen some of my aunts, uncles and cousins in NC since last March, there were many that I hadn't seen so it was especially nice to reconnect.  Ian and I took turns chatting with my family and counting the kids.

Occasionally we'd get some of the extended family to capture one of them so that our headcount was a bit lower.

Ky loves Uncle Roger
And man oh man did watching the kids reach a new level.  Not only had my kids been cooped up in the car waaayyy too long leading up to the party, but my sister's kids ~ who also had spent hours in the car ~ were there too.

don't let the pretty faces fool you ~ this trio was full of mischief!
double trouble.  trust me...

and this one?  well...
Imagine six loving cousins, thrilled to see each other, with energy to burn.

Did I mention energy to burn?

Thankfully it was beautiful outside and the country club had plenty of room to run.  Room enough that one of my aunts may have fallen for Caleb's charm and accepted his challenge to a race.  (I won't mention any names, but she may have been wearing a navy blue dress.   It was one of my favorite moments of the evening).

Of course we couldn't let the moment pass without getting a picture of my mom with her six grandkids.

I took ten shots and in all of them she was smiling so much that you can hardly see her eyes.

 Guess that's fitting though...


Heather said...

what a very blessed grandmom!!

Glenda said...

Don't know whose more blessed, your Mom or her grandkids?

Traci said...

I need some of those pictures. I can't believe I didn't have my camera that night. :( That was a fun evening. Couped up energy mixed with lots of Shirley temples! Watch out Cincinnati!

Kathy said...

After all these years, I'm finally getting the Shultz family straight in my mind. These pictures helped a lot. What a great reason to get together again.
Love, Grandma M