road trip part 1: cousin Jordan's house

1273 miles.  That's the distance we covered over five days last week in our first long road trip as the M6.  

The first 512 miles were broken up with a late night stay at a Hampton Inn in Charleston, WV along the way.  Doesn't matter that we arrived slightly after 2am and that the kids had been sleeping in their car seats for hours.  The effort of waking them up just enough to get them to walk inside (disadvantage of having four kids and two sets of arms) got them wound up.  They simply adore staying in a hotel.  Not sure if that's because it doesn't happen often or if it's because their daddy lets them jump on the bed for five minutes when we arrive...

At any rate, the next morning it was easy to convince them to hurry through getting dressed and eating breakfast.  After all, cousin Jordan's house was waiting. 

And my quartet loves them some cousin Jordan!  

Within minutes of our arrival, he wisely suggested that we take a walk over to the park across the street to allow our crew to spend some of that cooped up energy.

And while Ky chose to spend some quality time with her daddy...

...the other three quickly made themselves at home climbing Jordan like a tree.

And then the takedowns commenced.

Still not sure who started this pile up.

But I'm pretty sure I know who finished it...

Our time with Jordan may be limited due to distance, but my kids love him just the same.  

Come see us soon Jordan, we'll leave the light on for ya!


Jess Danielson said...

I can almost feel the blow that Daniel delt! LOL Water gun to the head looks likely too! LOL

Heather said...

Ha! Great pics. I love road trips with the fam.