a new season

Today we officially started a brand new season for the M6.

We entered swim team season.

When we joined our neighborhood swim club for this summer, Ian and I decided that the three bigs would join the swim team in order to build community and to hone swimming skills (since doggy paddle isn't an officially recognized stroke).

This decision was met with varying levels of excitement from "can't wait for the first day of practice" to "no way you're gonna make me do it."

But the lure of a handful of friends from around the block and school helped persuade even the most reluctant of the bunch into at least showing up for practice.

Until she saw that they were meeting at the deep end...

And then my big girl froze.  She'd come so far in the last several years, but I saw the anxiety of being near open water literally suck the air right out of her lungs.  For a minute it looked like we'd only have two M kids on the team this year.

And then the coaches kicked into action.  Coach Amy noticed Ky's distress and pulled her aside to comfort her.  She reassured her that in her age division (6 and under), there were mentors in the water with the swimmers during practice at all times.  They would only take their hands off them if the swimmer was comfortable with that.  And then Coach Amy called Coach John over to take Ky down for her first lap.  It helped that Coach John is one of her best friend's oldest brothers...

It only took a few kicks before the terrified look left her face and she began to have fun.  By her second lap down the pool she was clearly more relaxed!

My big boy?  He was the one totally pumped about swim team.  He was jumping in without reservation and made it down the lanes so quickly I never did get a good shot.  For freestyle he's got the basic motions, tonight his mentors were working with him on breathing technique.

And the fearless wonder?  While she was initially only coming along because several of her friends are on swim team, she was ready to get down to business tonight.

What's that you say Coach Daniel?

Put my face under?

You got it!

All in all it was a great first practice.  They ended with the cheer of the six and under Amberjacks.  "We might be tiny and we might be small, but in the water we're 10 feet tall!"

Suddenly my lukewarm about swim team girls couldn't stop talking about how exciting it was and how much they were going to love being on the team this summer.

Swim team.  It's a new season for our family.  But I think it's going to be a good one.

Just two minor issues.  One ~ while our days have been warm, the nights are still quite chilly.  And that makes for some really cold water right now.  Pictures just don't capture the chattering lower jaws.

And two ~ my little man was feeling a bit left out.  Next summer will be your turn to shine wee one!


Andrea said...

Come swim in our warm waters!! The lure of pretty fish will get their goggles under water. ;-)

Grandma Shultz said...

Thank you for the pictures. Makes me feel like I experienced it with them. I am so proud of you Ky, Caleb and Darcy. Daniel, I know you will enjoy the water even if you aren't on the team.

Cindy M said...

Okay, one...KYLIE, I'm SO proud of you!!! I know just how you feel, and it's a really big deal to do what you did!


Three...Caroline would totally dig swim team. One of these days our van may be in your driveway.

Heather said...

Great job, Kylie! Looks like fun! (Looks warm I sit here in the rainy, cool NW!)

Traci said...

Looks like fun! Yeah Mom's pool is a bit cold too. The kids last about 10 minutes these days and then they are done.

Julie said...

They are going to have a summer of fun (Daniel too). Chris grew up on the neighborhood swim team, he can't wait for our 3 to be big enough. Proud of Kylie for powering thru in the deep water!

Amanda said...

We swam this week too! And I think our Drew's lips were blue.

anything but LoKEY said...

They looks so cute in that last pic! :) I am glad they loved it.