Newly proclaimed water baby

Here in NC it has been mind meltingly hot.  Today is the first day in weeks that the temperature has been only 90.  That explains why we've been spending a lot of time at the pool recently.  

Did I mention A LOT of time?  (Like on average three days a week)

Because it is HOT? (Real temps in the upper 90s, heat index in the mid 100s)

Anyway, I've been amazed at the transformation in my big girl.

Just last summer we celebrated this moment.

Miss the monumental moment?  There were water droplets on her face.  All over her face in fact.  And she didn't run for a towel.  Last summer (her THIRD summer home) was the first time she'd leave water on her face.  By the time the summer ended she progressed, voluntarily I may add, to submerging her face under water in a pool.  Mind you it only happened once, but it did happen!  And then just as she was getting comfortable getting her face wet, the public pools closed.

This summer began with her being a bit timid, but she carefully watched her friends that swim.  So I went out on a limb and bought goggles and little fish dive toys.  Turns out that was $10 well spent!

Little by little I watched her gain more and more confidence until one day last week she suddenly said, "Hey Mommy, count and see how long I can stay under water."  I agreed, figuring she'd just put her face in.  Wasn't I surprised when instead she did this:
(pictures from today when I finally remembered to take the camera)
The first time last week she stayed under for two seconds.  Today's high was ten ~ most of the attempts without holding her nose.

But even more exciting than totally submerging her body is what else she's decided she can do.

Yes, we've got a way to go on stroke technique, but she is, on her own free will, going underwater.  Completely.  Usually without holding her nose.  And kicking her legs while making movement with her arms!  That's a lot of accomplishment in a few short weeks!  Her daddy and I couldn't be prouder!

You've come a long way big girl!


Andrea said...

We've gotten Lydia to go under A LOT by having her wear goggles. She wants to be able to see what funny faces we're making under water and lookie there... you have to stick your face under to see such trickery by your parents!

Cindy M said...

Way to go, Kylie!! You little fishies will have such fun together, if we can ever get you together in a pool! So proud of you!

Our Journey said...

WhooooHoooo Kylie! Looks like we've all had BIG milestones w/ water accomplishments this year!!

Shonni said...

That is so sweet. My little guy was the same way for a LONG time, even in the bathtub I had to keep a towel close by.

Angela said...

You go girl!

Jess and Tim said...

Wow! That is a huge accomplishment!

Glenda said...

Yeah, Kylie!!
You will be swimming before you know it. Then, Kristi, you'll have to keep going to the pool during the winter, so she doesn't forget what she's learned.(We'll have to all go!)

Heather said...

That's quite the achievement! Great Job, Kylie!

Grandma Shultz said...

Congratulations, Kylie. You are doing a great job swimming. Grandma is so proud of you!
Love you,

Kathy said...

I'm so proud of you Kylie!! What a big, brave girl you are. I'm thrilled that you can enjoy the pool fully now. What a great way to spend these HOT days.
Love, NaiNai

Shannon said...

Woohoo! Way to go Kylie!! That is quite an accomplishment!! Also loved the pics of Kylie and Darcy! Corrie will have to be triplets with you one day as she has the same shirt!

Hope to go to the pool with you SOON!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Kylie - what a big accomplishment! (And one we are working on.) She'll be a TOTAL fish in no time.

Traci said...

Way to go BUG!!!! Aunt Cici is so proud of you! I can't wait to see you swim at the beach!

Pam said...

Ahhh that gives me a glimmer of hope for Kate. :)

Nancy said...

You go, Kylie!!! That is so awesome, what progress!