Epcot in a day ~ the long version

Spending the full day, from opening to closing at Epcot yesterday wasn't our original plan.  We fully intended to be responsible parents and bring our kids back to the condo for a rest.  But then the boys sacked out in the stroller as we entered the world showcase and since the girls rarely nap anymore, we decided to make the most of our time and keep moving.

But I jump ahead of myself.  I must begin with the weather yesterday morning.  Ian and I woke to the sound of a deluge hitting our skylight window.  It wasn't exactly sunny when we headed out.

are we really in the "sunshine state?"
And the temperature?

pretty sure when i packed our suitcases that the temp for sunday was to be in the 80s
But our parking lot attendant promised sunny skies later.  After all, this is the most magical place on Earth, right?  Thankfully he delivered the sunshine and warmer temps came with it!

Following our personal planner's advice (if you are planning a trip to Disney anytime soon and are a true novice like Ian and I, AND you already know Bekah, LET HER CREATE AN OUTLINE FOR YOU!!!) we headed straight for Soarin'.

after pausing for the obligatory shot in front of the "whatever that thing is"
Soarin' got a two thumbs up from five out of six in our family.  One member was a little less enthusiastic and made us promise they wouldn't have to ride again.  Too much soarin' over 'big waters' for that child's comfort.  I sat between my littles.  And Daniel got real comfy with the woman beside him ~ he reached over and took her hand as well.  I apologized for his forwardness, but she just smiled and said she missed the day her kids were that young.

It was then time to head under the sea and explore with Nemo and his friends for a while.  The kids had a close encounter with a sharks, both of the real...

not visible right now, but there were about eight sharks swimming in the giant tank.
 ...and the not so real variety.
say cheese mr. shark!
Crush the turtle taught my kids to use the word Dude and we serenaded the giant sea cow with a M6 chorus of "Barbara Manatee."  Before we headed out of the deep blue sea, I got to pause for a photo opp with one of my heroes.  Someone who reminds me on the tough days to "just keep swimming..."

We took a journey into the imagination with Figment and then it was time for a lunch break.  The boys almost couldn't be called away from the Universe of Energy pool because of their fascination with ~ of all things ~ a mallard.

Disney on a dime (okay, it is Disney, maybe Disney on a Dollar) for us means a gourmet pb & j on the lawn.

Next came Ellen's Energy Adventure.  While it was a bit startling for all the kids, Daniel's excitement reached a crescendo when we saw the GIANT dinosaurs!  Totally worth scare factor of any of the rest of the ride.

And then we decided to explore the world.  First stop?  Becoming secret agents with Kimpossible.

Caleb took his secret agent role very seriously.

Until he and sleepiness had an altercation.  And sleep won...

So while the boys slept on, we had a little snack from the French bakery (don't worry, we saved them some too!) and Ian and the girls completed our missions in France and in Japan.

Oh, and the girls met Aurora (pic in previous post) and DQ got to hug Marie the Aristocat.  Kylie could have too, but it was a "stand up animal."  We finally got a full explanation of her fear.  She's only bothered by animals that stand up on two legs that should be on four legs.  In her words, "If there was a kangaroo at Disney, I wouldn't be scared of it, because kangaroos stand up on two legs in nature."  So there ya go.

traci, do you remember when we were here about 30 years ago and your purchase of choice was the Marie doll?  this picture is for you!

From there we continued around the world showcase, exploring some showcases more than others.  We rode Maelstrom in Norway, caught both the film and dinner in China, and went on a fiesta tour with Donald, Panchito, and Jose Carioca (twice).  

From there it was Test Track, but sadly Daniel didn't make the height cut.  Strange that he did at Soarin' earlier in the day, but we weren't going to be jerks and argue with the height regulator guard.  So Ian took the girls and the boys and I went for a walk and rode Spaceship Earth while we were waiting for them.  Caleb accompanied me on Test Track ~ oh my word, SO FUN! ~ with our "baby swap" pass while Ian, Daniel and the girls scouted a spot for us to watch Illuminations.  

Still love Ky's "this is a dream come true!" comment that I heard during the show.  And then Caleb's most sincere thanks for taking them to Disney World.  Some how everyone managed to stay awake for the ride back to the condo, but it sure didn't take anyone long to fall asleep.  

It was a perfect first day!


Gwen said...

Sounds like a great start! We live in the west, so we've never been to Disney World. Excited to follow along on your trip! :)

Emily H. said...

One year, when we went to visit the Florida side of the family, we were met with cold temps as well that required stops to purchase cold weather clothes!

Heather said...

GREAT first day! Great post too. I enjoyed the read. Brought back great memories of my own.

Heather said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE It! We luuuuv Disney. Believe or not my big kids STILL ask to go back. And if everything works out we will add that to our trip this fall while in SC (and hopefully visiting you too). Love the picture of the boys sacked out in the stroller, so sweet. Enjoy the rest of our time. :)

Cindy M said...

SO stinking impressed that you are blogging from Disney! In my defense, we did not have internet in our condo, but I was wiped out every day anyway. :) And I take 8 million photos. So happy you're having fun! It really is the happiest place on earth in many ways. :) Well, except for hot conference rooms in southern China. :) I can't wait to take Caroline on those rides...she threw China syndrome-size fits for being swapped out on Soarin' and Test Track at the age of 2. Not this time!! WOOHOO!

Love you guys!

Our Journey to China said...

It sounds absolutely 'magical' for everyone! :0) Big hugs to Ky for defining what an animal should do. IT is how God created them each to be in their own ways anyhow. :) LOL! So glad you guys are having such a great time!

Shannon said...

Ok.. So now you have given us ALL Disney fever!!! Sounds delightful!!! So glad the sun came out for your first day! Kylie it does sound like a dream come true! Love and miss you guys! Looking forward to following your week in the most magical of places!

Laurie said...

This is SO fun, following along with you! Thanks for blogging from Disney! The pictures are adorable, and it looks like everyone is having a great time! How I wish it was 55 degrees, or 65, or 75, or even 85 when we went in October. But no, we got the "weird heat wave" of 95 degree days. UGH!! Enjoy any coolness you get, sister! :)

Nancy said...

What a fabulous first day! And I know you passed Chinway since you were at both Norway & China! :) That is so cute that Daniel was holding that lady's hand. I bet she loved it.